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  2. An Underwater Issue.

    When a boat sinks, it can quickly become a kill zone - destroying underwater animal and plant life with chemicals, netting and other hazardous material. Unfortunately, in most cases boat owners and insurers do not take responsibility for the recovery; coasts remain littered with wrecks. The ecological impacts of wrecks go ignored and forgotten. Two of us at Tatge + Lasseur explore the issue with Ocean Defenders Alliance.


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  3. If your friend has a boat, let them know how when that boat sinks it becomes destructive to the underwater world.

  4. ODA accepts boat donations. Get it out of the water before it sinks!


  5. If your boat sinks close to shore, take some responsibility and just clean it up.


  7. If your boat is bound to sink, deal with it properly before it actually does. That means reclamation or refurbishment.